How a tweet became sweet reality. Philly, Philly!

Way back in August, Eagles lineman Lane Johnson told reporters that he’d celebrate a Super Bowl victory by “giving out beer” to the city of Philadelphia. Engaging in a friendly bet on Twitter, our friends at Bud Light responded letting Lane know that if he held up his end and won, they’d pick up the beer tab.

Luckily for Philly fans, the internet never forgets - and mere hours after the Eagles won the Super Bowl, Grandesign was in contact with the AB InBev team to help make good on their promise to supply celebratory brews at the Eagles’ Victory Parade.

With a three-day turnaround time, it was all hands on-deck to ensure a seamless result. Over 75 staff were deployed onto the streets of downtown Philadelphia and into 35 bars, carrying custom Bud Light tokens, redeemable for a complimentary beer from the bartender. Patrons were also given a coupon for a discounted Lyft ride to help make sure they celebrated responsibly.

By the end of the parade, Bud Light had engaged with 20-30,000 fans who enjoyed their free beer, while Grandesign enjoyed one of our favorite work perks - seeing consumers organically and excitedly connect with our client on a personal level.




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