As Vice President of Media for the West Region, Aileen began her career in the Advertising Agency side and after a few years moved over to the vendor side.  When she joined Grandesign in 2009 she loved the fact that she could utilize her knowledge of both sides.  Aileen can take any budget and any idea to create a viable campaign.  Any market, any medium, any concept, she can get it done.  Working out of the Orange County office, Aileen loves the people she works with, what she does, and how she gets it done.  

Originally from New York, Aileen went to school in Arizona and started her Advertising career in Phoenix.  After a few years; Aileen moved to the UK with her brilliant and supportive husband.   Family and work brought her to California, where she’s lived ever since. In her free time, she loves spending time with family which consists of her adoring husband, three kids and 2 dogs,  traveling, reading, and cocktails with friends.