Adult Swim On the Green - SDCC 2019

Grandesign partnered with Adult Swim to produce the On the Green event at Comic-Con 2019. With a mix of classic carnival games, interactive technology, and Adult Swim characters and content, Adult Swim’s On The Green event once again stood out amongst the crowd at SDCC.

Activities included:  Ballon Poke, Mechanical Hot Dog Ride , Drown the Clown, Hi-striker, Rickflector experience, F&B + Merch sales , AS Live Streams, Saturday Meet & Greets and Nightime events.

GD_20190719_ADULT SWIM_A7R_1_0117.jpg
GD_20190719_ADULT SWIM_A7R_1_0207.jpg
GD_20190720_ADULT SWIM_A7R_1_0150.jpg
GD_20190720_ADULT SWIM_A7R_1_0175.jpg
GD_20190720_ADULT SWIM_A7R_1_0198.jpg
GD_20190720_ADULT SWIM_A7R_2_0033.jpg
GD_20190720_ADULT SWIM_A7R_2_0177.jpg
GD_20190720_ADULT SWIM_A7R_2_0738.jpg
GD_20190720_ADULT SWIM_A7R_2_0833.jpg
GD_20190720_ADULT SWIM_A7R_2_1189.jpg
GD_20190720_ADULT SWIM_A7R_2_1380.jpg